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Working for you in the Fylde

Nick Clegg - Spring Conference - 8th March 2014The Liberal Democrats are working to build astronger economy in a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life.

That's why in Government we have given 24 million people a £700 tax cut, created 1 million jobs and helped 1.5 million apprentices.

That's 5,500 more people in work every working day!

5500 people every working day

We are the only party that can anchor Britain in the centre ground, ensuring we have sustainable growth and equality of opportunity.

Labour can't be trusted with the economy, in government they would drag Britain to the left, borrowing too much, spending too much and risking the recovery.

And the Conservatives can't be trusted to treat people fairly. If Liberal Democrats weren't in Government, the Tories would focus attention on the best-off, let employers fire staff without cause and allow schools to be run for profit.

Only the Liberal Democrats can be trusted to build a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling every person to get on in life.

Latest News

  • Article: Jul 22, 2014

    Liberal Democrats have announced that future Governments will be required by law to help fight fuel poverty by making the coldest, leakiest homes more energy efficient.

    Households on low incomes and high energy costs, often caused by poorly insulated homes, will face lower bills as they are raised to a Band C energy efficiency rating by 2030.

  • key_FGM.jpg
    Article: Jul 22, 2014

    Today, Nick Clegg attended the Girl Summit, aimed at mobilising domestic and international efforts to end FGM.

    At the summit, which saw 500 delegates from 50 countries, the government announced a range of measures aimed at bringing an end to female genital mutilation in Britain and abroad.

    New laws were announced that would see parents prosecuted if they failed to prevent their daughter undergoing FGM. Programmes were also introduced in order to prevent FGM in 12 developing countries.

  • Article: Jul 22, 2014

    Liberal Democrats in Government have confirmed the Government's commitment to halving UK greenhouse gases by 2025.

    Tories had attempted to weaken measures to tackle global warming with plans to change the fourth carbon budget, which sets a greenhouse gas emissions limit through the 2020s. However, thanks to the Liberal Democrats, the fourth carbon budget will be retained.

  • Article: Jul 22, 2014

    Yesterday in the House of Lords, Lib Dem peer Lord Sharkey moved for those convicted under homophobic laws in the past to have their convictions 'disregarded'.

    Around 75,000 men were convicted of homosexual acts under laws that were repealed in the 1960s. Legislation passed in 2012 gave the 16,000 of them who are still alive the right to apply to have their convictions disregarded. This left 59,000 men who were convicted prior to the law changing, who have now died, unable to get such redress.

  • Article: Jul 21, 2014

    Fylde councillors met recently to discuss further the decision-making arrangements to be in place in Fylde by May 2015 following the conclusive outcome of the recent Cabinet v Committees referendum. Whilst there are still some undercurrents about the way this change has been 'forced' on Fylde all those involved were pragmatic enough to realise that the timescale is very tight and there is a lot to do. It should be obvious that it is vital that the decisions of Fylde Borough Council are made for the good of everyone and that the talents of ALL councillors are harnessed to maximum effect. ALL chairman should be elected on the basis of being the best person for the job,not on their choice of political hat. Voters made it clear that they were tired of the 'battleground'. They now want action not words. Now is the time to have a 'reshuffle' at Fylde to enable this to happen, especially as some councillors will not be seeking re-election next year but unfortunately such a reshuffle will be at the whim of the current ruling group.

  • key_free-school-meals.jpg
    Article: Jul 21, 2014

    Over the weekend, Labour agreed to back the Lib Dem proposals for free school meals.

    After pressure from the party's grass roots at the National Policy Forum, Labour agreed to endorse the policy which was announced by Nick Clegg last year.

    Free school meals are expected to benefit 1.5 million children between the ages of five and seven, greatly improving their health, behaviour and results.

  • Article: Jul 21, 2014

    Many congratulations to LibDem Barry Roberts who held the seat at the by-election in the Colehill East Ward of East Dorset District Council on 17th July. Barry gained 59.3% of the vote (up 8.7%). In further good news on the same day LibDem Clare Skardon held the Hookstone Ward seat on Harrogate Borough Council with 51.7% of the vote (up 9.1%). To add a bit more good cheer (although sadly the electorate seems to have rumbled UKIP eight weeks too late) UKIP could only manage 14.7% (down 6.4%) in Dorset & 12% (down 4.3% ) in Harrogate. UKIP also lost a seat a to Labour in Redditch and to Conservatives in Cornwall.

  • Article: Jul 21, 2014

    Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg, will speak at the Girl Summit on Tuesday, a summit with the aim of ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and child, early and forced marriage within a generation.

    At the Summit, Nick will announce a package of measures to help end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the UK.

  • Article: Jul 20, 2014

    New rules which would provide greater choice and more innovative pensions products, are expected to be announced this week.

    The coalition wants to encourage pension providers to develop new retirement income products that are tailored to the needs of the individual consumer and which offer more choice, freedom and flexibility.

  • Article: Jul 19, 2014

    Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable has welcomed a new programme designed to crack down on online piracy.

    The new scheme called Creative Content UK, will promote legal entertainment online and warn Internet users whose connections are being used to illegally share films and music.

    The scheme has been agreed by the UK's creative industries and internet service providers (ISPs) and will aim to raise awareness of copyright by informing those whose internet connections have been used to illegally share copyright material and help them find compelling, legal alternatives.

A £600 tax cut for every ordinary worker in the country Income Tax Halved for Someone on the Minimum Wage