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Working for you in the Fylde

Tim Farron - Leader of the Liberal DemocratsThe Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

We champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals, we acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full. We aim to disperse power, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity.

We believe that the role of the state is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to take part in the decisions which affect their lives.

If you agree with us, why not join the #LibDemFightback today.

Latest News

  • Article: Aug 23, 2015

    Giles Goodall, LibDem EU Parliamentary candidate for SE England writes in LibDem Voice:

    One of the most positive aspects of the #LibDemFightback since May has been the enthusiasm among our influx of new members to fight for a Yes vote in the forthcoming EU referendum. A recent survey found this was their number one reason (quoted by 84%) for joining the party. With the government gearing up for a vote as early as June next year, there is no doubt that Liberal Democrats must play a central role, both in the campaign and - crucially - the passage of the Referendum Bill, which defines the question, timetable, and franchise.
    Incredibly though, the government looks set on excluding from the referendum the very people whose lives will be most directly affected by the result. Britain is now home to around 2.4 million citizens from other EU countries - who are, incidentally, among those who contribute most to our economy and society. Meanwhile, an estimated 2.2 million British citizens live in other EU countries. Both groups owe their residence to the free movement rights which stem directly from EU citizenship - yet under current plans, neither will have an automatic say in the referendum which will determine where they are allowed to live and work.

  • Article: Aug 21, 2015

    At the by-election in the Camborne Pendares ward of Cornwall Unitary Authority, a seat previously held by UKIP, the UKIP vote collapsed to 8.3%. Sadly the Conservative won, just beating LibDem Nathan Billings by 14 votes. Nathan got 29% of the vote. Elsewhere in the Witney North ward of West Oxfordshire District Council LibDem Diane West increased her share of the vote by 19.8%, just not quite enough to take the seat from the Tories. Again the UKIP vote collapsed to 8.2%. Hopefully the voters are finally wising up to UKIP.

  • Article: Aug 20, 2015

    We shall not return to this topic. It is now history and the real enemy, as it always has been, (which is why the LibDem role in coalition was so vital, and generally successful, in constraining them), is the Tories. Anyone who thinks otherwise merely needs to consider the glee with which the now unfettered Tories are implementing what the LibDems blocked. There are more important things to do really but the constant drip feed from Labour party supporters on social media about how the LibDems were an ineffectual opposition to the Tories during the coalition does get on ones nerves a bit because Labour in opposition 2010- 2015 were a complete waste of space. They allowed the Tories to dominate the economic agenda and failed utterly to point out that actually their party had minimal responsibility for the financial crisis. Instead they spent their energies on attacking the LibDems. They scuppered House of Lords reform & much else. They deserved to lose on May7th. [see more]

  • Article: Aug 19, 2015

    At the same time as Cameron & Osborne are steamrollering more licences to frack and cutting back on renewable energy investment we note [courtesy of the Lancet] that on Aug 3, 2015, President Barack Obama and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) jointly announced the Clean Power Plan, a sweeping overhaul of emission guidelines. Coal and natural gas remain the biggest contributors to carbon pollution (a third of all domestic carbon emissions) and with around 1000 ageing fossil-fuel power plants in the USA, the introduction of the first-ever national standards have necessarily made power plants crucial targets.

  • Article: Aug 15, 2015

    Was asked by the Western Morning News for a reaction to Cameron's first 100 days press release - he's issued one for each regional newspaper and they are all mostly full of goodies agreed in coalition or total spin about what a majority Tory Government has been up to. This was my response but only a line made it into print:

  • Article: Aug 15, 2015

    Welsh Liberal Democrats in Powys have won the Glasbury county council by-election, beating the Conservatives in the ward formerly held by Brecon and Radnorshire's Tory MP.

    Newly-elected Cllr James Gibson-Watt beat the Conservative candidate with 44% of the vote in the by-election, which was caused by the resignation of Tory MP Chris Davies. This is the first time a Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate has stood in this ward. This is the Welsh Lib Dems' second by-election win since May. [see more below]

    Cllr James Gibson-Watt, the new Liberal Democrat Councillor for Glasbury, said:

    "I'm absolutely delighted to once again be representing a community that I've lived in all my adult life, and I will do my best to serve the villages of Glasbury ward to the best of my ability. I will fight hard with AMs Kirsty Williams, William Powell and the local community to save Gwernyfed High School from closure by Powys Council - something which is vital to our local community."

    Kirsty Williams AM, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Assembly Member for Brecon and Radnorshire, added: "Congratulations to James on his well deserved win. I know he will work tirelessly for his local community, and I look forward to working more closely with him. There is no doubt now - the Welsh Lib Dem fightback is truly underway. With a string of council by-election victories under our belt in the most difficult and challenging of circumstances, we have proven that the need for a liberal voice up and down Wales is greater than ever. Thousands upon thousands have joined the Liberal Democrats since May's election because they want a party that will stand for fairness, equality and the liberal values so many hold dear. We will not give up the fight for a fairer, freer country and I urge anyone who shares our liberal values to join us on that fight."

    The full result in Glasbury was:

    James Gibson-Watt, Welsh Liberal Democrat - 457 (44%)

    Conservative: 415 (40%)

    Independent: 106 (10%)

    Green: 52 (5%)

  • Article: Aug 14, 2015

    In 2009 two British professors of social epidemiology, Prof Richard Wilkinson & Prof Kate Pickett, wrote a monumental and widely acclaimed book called 'The Spirit Level: Why greater equality makes societies stronger' You can read all 400odd pages of it on the internet. The introduction gives the following data: 'Consider executive pay. During the 1950s and '60s, CEOs of major American companies took home about 25 to 30 times the wages of the typical worker. After the 1970s, the two pay scales diverged. By 1990 the differential was 100times By 2007 just before the Great Recession, CEO pay packages had ballooned to about 350 times what the typical worker earned. Recent supports suggest that the upward trajectory of executive pay, temporarily stopped by the economic meltdown, is on the verge of continuing' Now, six years later, we know it has continued. [see more below]

  • Article: Aug 13, 2015

    Unrestrained by the LibDems the new Tory Secretary of State, Amber Rudd, was on BBC Breakfast this morning. Amongst other things she said:"We need more secure, home grown energy supplies - and shale gas must play a part in that. We can't have a planning system that sees applications dragged out for months, or even years. We need a system that delivers timely planning decisions and works effectively for local people and developers.". She denied that the Government was taking any new powers - simply that Greg Clark, the Communities Secretary, would be very strict in requiring Local Council Planning to come to a decision within the existing 16 week guideline. An earlier statement from Rudd & Clark said "Ministers want to ensure shale applications can't be frustrated by slow and confused decision-making amongst councils, which benefits no one" Taken together with George Osborne's letter to ministers of September last year the message is crystal clear. We are going to be fracked whether we like it or not. Fylde residents destroyed any real chance of stopping this by not only returning Conservative Mark Menzies to Westminster on May7th but also increasing his majority. [see more]

  • Article: Aug 13, 2015

    Archbishop Cranmer notes that for some, such as The National Secular Society, it is a mission to keep faith and politics as far apart as possible. He writes: 'But as we've seen repeatedly over the last few days, the newly-elected leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, is quite determined to make sure that, for him at least, the two should be able to come together without conflict or contradiction'.

  • Article: Aug 11, 2015

    The last paragraph of this story may seem a strange comment to put alongside the current turmoil about the price of milk paid to farmers but bear with me. The connection is the current obsession that 'the market' is the only mechanism, and indeed the perfect mechanism to control economic behaviour and outcomes. Some 400 dairy farms have gone out of business in the last year. If the price of milk rises sharply they cannot be resurrected. The infrastructure of a farm cannot be turned back on like a light switch. Farmers, especially small, family farmers are indispensable to the preservation of the countryside yet some fathead mouthpiece was on the TV today bleating that farmers needed to be more efficient - never mind that Government policy prefers to waste huge sums on grandiose IT failures and management consultants etc. rather than efficient rural broadband, transport infrastructure, affordable housing and so on. [more below]

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