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Working for you in the Fylde

Tim Farron - Leader of the Liberal DemocratsThe Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

We champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals, we acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full. We aim to disperse power, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity.

We believe that the role of the state is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to take part in the decisions which affect their lives.

If you agree with us, why not join the #LibDemFightback today.

Latest News

  • Article: Feb 11, 2016

    In June 2013 the Press Gazette 'National Readership Survey' noted that approx 78% of the British Press is owned by a handful of mostly foreign based billionaires. The newspaper titles include newspapers that have been consistently & vociferously anti EU such as the Telegraph [Barclay Brothers ]; Mail [Viscount Rothermere]; Express [Richard Desmond]. And of course we cannot forget Rupert Murdoch & the Sun (and others) [see more]

  • Article: Feb 7, 2016

    The wholesale price of UK gas has fallen from £52pMWh in Jan 2014 to £35pMWh in Jan 2016 and a story in today's FT [6th Feb] suggests it has further to fall. Financial Times consultants Cornwall Energy report [FT 23rd Jan] that during the cold snap (18-20Jan) National Grid had to pay an average of £91pMWh for emergency, highly polluting, diesel generation. [see more]

  • Article: Feb 5, 2016

    An interesting day on 4th February for important Council by-elections. A worrisome day if you are a Conservative. First off in the Bottisham Ward of East Cambridgeshire District Council LibDem Steven Aranson increased his vote by 9.8% but sadly fell just 17votes short of defeating the Conservative whose party had previously had the seat. [see more]

  • Catherine Bearder MEP (George Dunk)
    Article: Feb 4, 2016

    The British Tax settlement with Google is like the rest of us not paying any tax for many years and then being let off by donating a few pennies. No wonder the public is furious. Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder, noting the Tory rhetoric about clamping down on tax avoidance, said " The truth is that they [Tories] run a don't know don't care approach to tax avoidance" Thus it came to pass that the Observer has discovered that last June Tory MEPs received a message to the effect that the UK has taken up with the Commission its opposition to Bermuda being on a proposed EU blacklist of Tax Havens. Bermuda is one ELEVEN British territories on the list. [See more]

  • Shirley williams
    Article: Feb 2, 2016

    No apology for this post being so lengthy. The writer remembers the entire career of Shirley Williams and what a fantastic career as a fighter for the highest standards of politics it was. In recent times she it was who led the Liberal Democrats, massively outnumbered in coalition, to fight tooth & nail against the worst excesses of Tory Andrew Lansley's assault on the NHS which was not part of the Conservative Manifesto and which prior to the 2010 general election David Camerton said was not going to happen. [speech below]

  • Article: Jan 28, 2016

    Two stories next to each other on the lunchtime TV news on 27th January. To the usual background of the braying donkeys on the Tory benches, Cameron hailed the £130m tax deal with Google to cover 10yrs of tax liabilities as a triumph pointing out that under Labour the tax take was zero. It has been calculated that the payment represents about 3% tax rate compared to the 20% that the 'hard working rest of us' so beloved in Tory rhetoric would pay, so we had better be impressed. The French are chasing Google for $1bn in unpaid tax but they are these wicked Europeans that many Tories want to dissociate from.[see more]

  • Article: Jan 27, 2016

    How many lies and broken promises does it take to make a good Tory? Prior to the 2010 General Election Cameron & friends were banging on about the NHS being safe with the Tories and there would be no top down re-organisation. Oh Yeah !! Within short order Andrew Lanlsey had been let loose to do just that, which, it is estimated, wasted £3bn, and which, in 2014, senior Tories claimed was a huge mistake. [see International Business Times 13th Oct 2014 for the gory details].

  • Bill Winlow
    Article: Jan 25, 2016

    Former Conservative leader of Lancashire County Council, Geoff Driver, was sounding off in the Blackpool Gazette on 23rd January 2016 about the cuts that the current ruling Labour/LibDem group are having to make. Cllr Driver claims that the Conservatives will come forward with an alternative budget. That's a bit rich. The Conservatives both in Government AND in charge of LCC have made a difficult situation far far worse than it should be. [see more].

  • Article: Jan 23, 2016

    As a postscript to yesterday's story about flood disaster, the village of St Michaels on Wyre was badly affected by floods, together with other areas in the Garstang region & basically next to Fylde. In 2010 new legislation required Lancashire County Council (and other CCs) to act as an approval body for drainage systems required for new developments. The resultant flood risk management team to carry this out was intended to be funded by developers. In April 2015, just before the General Election, the government scrapped this scheme for a less rigorous one with consequent loss of funding. Confronted with the need to make a further £200m of cuts on top of existing huge reductions the County Council has been obliged to cut into the funding of the Flood Risk Management Team.[see more]

  • Article: Jan 22, 2016

    Storm Desmond (closely followed by Eva) destroyed about 3miles of the A391, which is a major transport artery in the Lake District, on the 5th/6th December 2015. Local MP & LibDem Leader,Tim Farron, strove to get his voice heard stressing the vital importance of getting this fixed - fast. [see more]

A £600 tax cut for every ordinary worker in the country Income Tax Halved for Someone on the Minimum Wage