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Working for you in the Fylde

Nick Clegg - Spring Conference - 8th March 2014The Liberal Democrats are working to build astronger economy in a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life.

That's why in Government we have given 24 million people a £700 tax cut, created 1 million jobs and helped 1.5 million apprentices.

That's 5,500 more people in work every working day!

5500 people every working day

We are the only party that can anchor Britain in the centre ground, ensuring we have sustainable growth and equality of opportunity.

Labour can't be trusted with the economy, in government they would drag Britain to the left, borrowing too much, spending too much and risking the recovery.

And the Conservatives can't be trusted to treat people fairly. If Liberal Democrats weren't in Government, the Tories would focus attention on the best-off, let employers fire staff without cause and allow schools to be run for profit.

Only the Liberal Democrats can be trusted to build a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling every person to get on in life.

Latest News

  • Article: Mar 13, 2015

    Liberal Democrats are gathering in Liverpool for their Spring Conference today, Friday 13th (we're not superstitious) to finally prepare for the General (and local) elections on May 7th. It has been a tough nearly 5yrs in Government, battling a largely hostile media and Conservative duplicity (remember Cameron on 'no more top down' for the NHS' and then almost before the ink was dry on the Coalition Agreement letting Andrew Lansley loose to do just that? And 'the greenest Government ever' becoming 'green crap' and much, much, else). We are justifiably proud of what we have achieved with the Conservatives outnumbering us approx five to one. This conference looks to the future with policy motions being debated as follows:

  • Article: Mar 9, 2015

    The Liberal Democrats have been the rock of financial stability during this recovery. It would be tragic if the outcome of the General Election threw that away. LibDem economic policy, and indeed track record, is not imprisoned by ideology but inspired by vision and realism. Labour would borrow £70bn more than the LibDems by 2020, leaving us paying £4bn a year more just on the interest on our debt. Conservatives propose huge cuts to public spending, (£38bn more than LibDems propose) far beyond what is needed to balance the books, not because they are necessary but because they see an ideological opportunity to shrink the state. Commenting on Ed Balls' speech this morning (Monday 9 March), Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said: "Both Labour and the Conservatives are saying they will lurch away from the centre ground.''

  • Article: Mar 9, 2015

    Please go to: www.libdems.org.uk for full details of this briefing. Continuing our prioritising of mental health LibDem Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg,, hosted a special LBC Radio show to discuss the issue in the evening of 2nd March. LibDem health minister, Norman Lamb, launches 'No voice unheard, no right ignored' in support. Nick and Richard Branson jointly noted that the war on drugs had been an abject failure. The LibDem manifesto will contain the most far reaching drug reform proposals ever put forward. The time for action is now. Liberal Democrats have environmental protection at the heart of their programme and will go further and faster to protect British wildlife. LibDem MEP, Catherine Bearder, is leadsing the call for the EU to step up the fight against wildlife crime. In the UK a 'Zero Waste Bill' is proposed along with further activity on plastic bags. Nick Clegg has secured £115m for cycling projects. A new 'Green Homes Bill' to make properties more thermally efficient is proposed and the rural pub has not been forgotten. The row of election debates continues. Cameron might not have the courage of his convictions enough to take part but Nick Clegg is more than willing top step up to the plate.

  • Freddie identifiesfly tipping
    Article: Mar 8, 2015

    The Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate Frederick (popularly known as Freddie) van Mierlo spent two days touring St. Anne's and Lytham this week visiting local places of interest and gaining a greater insight into some of the issues facing local people. Freddie's home is in Cottam, Preston,within the Fylde constituency boundary, but he works for an international consultancy in Brussels. He spent time with town and borough councillors walking through their wards and talking about what they have been able to achieve. He shared their anger when learning about examples of fly-tipping across the borough.

  • Article: Mar 7, 2015

    High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF) for shale gas recovery is a rather NEW technology. The common term of 'Fracking' applies to much older processes as well as HVHF and its use consequently leads to much confusion and misinformation. The United States Geological Survey; The New York State Department of Environmental Control; and others have finally got to grips (c. 2013) with the additional issues raised by HVHF. In October 2011 the North West Region Liberal Democrat Conference highlighted the limitations of the regulatory and monitoring regime for HVHF, the process used just once in the UK at Preese Hall, and said that LibDems were not, and are not, against 'fracking' in principle but these limitations and other issues needed to be fixed. That is still our position. And they have NOT been fixed. Since LibDem, Ed Davey, is the Secretary of State at DECC you might ask WHY? The answer lies in the fact that, as we have seen, Defra - led by a Conservative; Health & Safety Executive (Dept of Work & Pensions) - led by a Conservative; Communities & Local Govt - led by a Conservative; all have a finger in the fracking pie and last but not least George Osborne whose letter of 24th Sept 2014 to ministers urging pro-fracking activities [See this website 'Osborne determined to push ahead with fracking at all speed' Jan26th]

  • Cllr Bill Winlow & PPC Fred van Mierlo 02 Mar15
    Article: Mar 6, 2015

    It is High Volume Hydraulic fracturing (HVHF) that is the subject of planning applications currently before Lancashire County Council. Given all the controversy and media coverage you might have thought that a highly relevant report from the Department of Environment & Rural AfIfairs (Defra) completed last July 'Shale Gas Rural Economy Impacts' would be essential reading for the Council. That's what the Council thought as well. But the version of the report made available to the Council had so many pages & words blanked out (redacted) that it was virtually useless. The matter was debated by the full council on 26th February. Well done to all the Councillors, including LibDem Leader Prof. Bill Winlow, who spoke forcefully in the debate, and who voted unanimously to instruct the Council's chief executive to write to Defra requesting a complete copy of the report.. Endorsing the Councils position, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Fylde (who is himself an environmental specialist) Frederick van Mierlo, popularly known as Freddie and pictured with Bill Winlow, said: "Any decisions can only be taken if the potential impacts on the environment, public health and the rural economy are fully understood, and most importantly, known to the people it will affect. The government should move ahead with publishing the full report"

  • Article: Mar 2, 2015

    The Liberal Democrat Conference at the end of next week will finally set out our stance for the General Election. LibDems are unique in that policy is set by Members at Conference. After all the mud that was slung at us in 2010 by the Tory press and others about tuition fees surprise surprise it has been discovered that the actual fees are not the big issue. The repayment scheme under the new system is much fairer, university funding is much more sensible & stable, and student numbers, especially from disadvantaged families, has gone up. Labour, which promised not to introduce fees but did, has again missed the point in its proposal to cut fees. On the economy the Conservatives are riven in two over Europe. How can you have a credible economic plan when business is confronted by such indecision on a crucial issue asked Chief Secretary to the Treasury, LibDem, Danny Alexander during a major speech to the Said Business School in Oxford. He also noted that the Liberal Democrats are the ONLY party with a clear committment to industrial stategy, infrastructure, and skills on which we have delivered. Elsewhere in the week the new minimum wage was announced along with nearly half a million job seekers receiving new skills and experience. LibDems propoose raising another £1bn from the banking sector. Justice policy and overseas aid were also discussed by LibDem ministers. To find out more visit: www.libdems.org.uk

  • Wind Generators (LibDemVoice)
    Article: Mar 1, 2015
    By Ed Davey MP in Lib Dem Voice

    In LibDemVoice (and replying to comments) Ed Davey, the LibDem Energy Minister writes:

    This morning I announced the results of the first auction for green energy generation. The results are impressive - more clean energy at lower costs.

    Thanks to this first renewable electricity competition of its kind, I have offered contracts to 27 renewable energy projects across the UK. Enough to power 1.4 million homes and save the equivalent carbon emissions of taking 2 million cars off the road.

    The projects include offshore wind and onshore wind and solar, and will create thousands of green jobs.

    What's even better are the lower prices our green competition achieved. The first 'reverse auction' ensured that prices were driven down. This meant we got more green energy from our budget than expected.

    By bringing this auction forward by two years than planned just 3 years ago, we've saved £110 million a year.

    And this latest boost to the UK's green electricity revolution builds on our strong record of delivery since 2010. It's important you have the facts as there is so much misrepresentation of our progress by Labour. Here are some facts to remember:

    - Electricity generation from renewables has more than doubled since 2010.
    - Since 2010, an average £7 billion a year has been invested in renewables. Compare this to £3 billion a year in the previous parliament under Labour.
    - In 2013, almost £8 billion was invested in renewables - a record - though provisional figures suggest 2014 will be even better!
    - Britain's first Green Investment Bank and first Community Energy Strategy.
    - Britain (Lib Dems!) in Europe leading to win more ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets for 2030 to give even more confidence to the industry and investors.

    If that's not enough then just last week I gave development consent for what will be the world's largest offshore wind farm and today I'm opening England's largest onshore wind farm.

    This is a story of success by any measure. But we cannot be complacent and simply assume what Lib Dems in government have achieved on green energy will simply continue unchallenged. Under Labour their heavy hand of regulation will see investors press the pause button on UK plc - because they are not obliged to invest here. They will go where they see certainty, the sort of certainty that we have created.

    As for the Conservatives, they continue to try to talk a good game on renewables, but their credibility is thin and their arguments fall apart when you look at the real world. Tories say they want to see renewables delivered in the cheapest way and I'm 100% with them on that. The trouble is if you look at what this reverse auction has delivered on prices then onshore wind and solar are clearly offering cheap green energy. As the Conservatives want to cap onshore wind, and they are not exactly promoting solar, you have to ask how they'll plug their 'renewables gap' if they want to meet our legal obligations to tackle climate change and ensure consumer bills don't go up. You can only see one scenario for Conservative energy policy - plugging the carbon gap with more expensive forms of green energy. Energy bills up under the Conservatives!

    Lib Dems in government have delivered on green energy in a way that's affordable to consumers. Yet the five green laws I proposed for the front page of our manifesto show we don't believe the job is yet done. We want to go further and faster over the next five years. Nationally and globally our environmental challenges haven't gone away.

    * Edward Davey is Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, and MP for Kingston and Surbiton

  • Article: Feb 26, 2015

    Pensioners vote in greater numbers, and tend to support the Conservatives, so it comes as no surprise that David Cameron comes out with a cynical attempt at buying votes by claiming that universal benefits for pensioners would be protected by the next Conservative government. Does he really expect us to believe that a 40% taxpaying pensioner actually needs £200 winter fuel allowance; free bus pass; TV licence etc. It has been calculated that an annual income oif £11k to £13k [depending on where you live] is the minimum a pensioner needs. Money would be much better, and more fairly, spent bringing the basic state pension up to that level. Moreover pensioners do not pay National Insurance on pension income - unlike someone in work on the same income. That is a 'perk' trhat swamps everything and there are no proposals to change that. One of our Lib Dem members writes: My pension income is about the same as average earnings - way below the 40% tax threshold - and I don't need these perks. The serious worry, which applies to elderly people whatever their income level, is how to cope with the costs of care. Instead of making stupid & irrelevant promises Cameron would do well to look seriously at what really matters to the elderly.

  • Article: Feb 25, 2015

    The 'Home Notes' magazine from May 1894* [yes that is the correct date] reported that ' Hundreds [of rail travellers] pay for a seat, think themselves lucky if they get even standing room. This overcrowding can be little better than the black hole of Calcutta. There is simply no excuse for this - - - but still, as far as can be seen, no effort is made to provide a sufficient number of carriages. Why, in the name of justice, should railway companies be allowed to herd their luckless patrons (or rather victims) together like sheep without fear of penalty?' Sound familiar to todays passengers? We don't make that much progress when it comes to the conflict between making money and giving customers a fair deal. The problem arises especially when there is no real 'market' so that competition cannot act as the provider of balance to the conflicting interests. Most current rail journeys in the UK are provided by what are in reality monopolies. Conservative ideology blinds it to the merits of an integrated national rail network, witness the zeal with which flogging the successful East Coast Trains back to a private sector that had twice failed was pursued. And before the 'Blame it all on the EU' brigade get excited the EU did NOT require privatisation [French & German railways are not privatised] nor was it a requirement to split into separate businesses for rail infrastructure and rail operations. The EU directive required that railways operate like a business and infrastructre simply be accounted for separately from operations. This is bog standartd stuff for any large multi faceted business.

A £600 tax cut for every ordinary worker in the country Income Tax Halved for Someone on the Minimum Wage